Youth Track & Field

Why run with us?

Track & Field Spring Season


We aim to provide a fun, playful, supportive environment for our  youth this spring, regardless of their prior running experience. We have  coaches who will ask a lot of the athletes.  In turn, we will give a  lot:  

  • All RM coaches will have background checks and Safe Sport training.  
  • All distance runs will have a parent/coach at the beginning and end of the youth group.
  • Each track work will have supervision and coaching of specific training groups. 
  • Coaches will focus on keeping each athlete motivated, having fun, and free of injuries.
  • Coaches will work to build the self-esteem of each athlete who is a part of this team! 


Track Mondays 

  • Starting in April, we will add Mondays at a track - yet to be determined - to our normal Tues/Thurs/Sat schedule, 5:45 – 7pm. 
  • As always, we encourage parents and other family members to come  run/walk as well! 
  • We are fine with youth running and training with us but who are not interested in doing track races!

  Contact Coach Dewayne for additional questions by emailing .